Temporary Housing

Even for a temporary stay, finding the right place in France can be complicated. Prices and quality are variable. For less than 6 months, you can rent accommodation specialized in shorts stays:

  • Apparthotels
  • Single Room in residence
  • Single Room in a shared flat
  • Studio in residence

Temporary accommodations are mostly meant for people coming alone or for couples. If you are coming for less than 6 months with your family, please contact us directly.

People coming for more than 3 months may also have access to private studios and “long stay prices” at some period of the year. Please contact us for more information.

A 3 steps service

1. Your criteria

Our team will research an accommodation, depending on your needs. You can choose your accommodation with different criteria:

  • Kind of accommodation (shared flat, room or studio)
  • Location
  • Price of the rent

2. Our offer

We will send you several offers of accommodation that matches your criteria. These propositions will be sent with:

  • a detailed description
  • pictures
  • reservation modalities

Accommodation offers will be sent one week after the service start.

3. Booking

We will take care of the reservation for you. We will provide you the certificate of booking that you might need for your procedures.

Information about temporary housing

These templates are given for information; the prices depend on the location, the state of the accommodation and the rental period. Prices include all charges: electricity, water, heating and Internet.

Kind of accommodation Description Surface Price/month
Apparthotel Studio Individual kitchen and bathroom. Reception Desk and many services available: cleaning, late check-in etc. Similar to a hotel. Around 20m² ~1000€
Single Room in residence Kitchen and sanitary on the floor. between 10 and 20m² ~350-450€
Single Room in a shared flat Kitchen and sanitary in common. between 10 and 15m² ~350-450€
Studio in residence Individual kitchen and bathroom. Reception Desk. between 18 and 35m² ~600-750€

* Depending on the duration and period of your stay we may have cheaper offers for that kind of accommodation.

If you need more information please contact us.