Administrative Services

Subscription to water, gas, electricity

These subscriptions are included in some accommodation that we will propose. For the others, you have to subscribe and to pay additionally for water, gas and electricity. In this case, we will take care of these procedures for you.

Bank Account

Having a French bank account is important in making your daily life easier during your stay. We have negotiated a partnership with BNP PARIBAS that offers you many advantages:

  • The administration charges are free for 2 years
  • The possibility to open your bank account before your arrival: you can deposit cash and make bank transfers at your arrival and get your credit card as soon as possible.

Home insurance

To rent an accommodation it is mandatory to subscribe to a home insurance. This will cover, under certain circumstances, damages that might be caused to your accommodation. Often, the public liability is included in this insurance. This step has to be realised to be allowed to move in your accommodation.

Internet and phone information

We will inform you about various operators and offers, and we will help you subscribing to the best offer considering your needs.

Resident Permit / Visa validation

Obtaining your resident permit / visa validation is one of the most important step of your arrival.

We will indicate you a detailed list of the documents you will have to bring in France. We will also organise your appointment to deposit your file (if necessary) and we will help you during all the procedure until your obtain of your resident permit or visa validation.

Social Security

In France you have to subscribe to social security (health insurance). This allows you to claim back medical care and medication. We will inform you about your situation and we will help you subscribing to the competent organisation.

Warning: considering your age, your profile and the term of your stay, the subscription procedures can vary and the competent organisation might not be the same.

Other insurances (public liability, health insurance, car insurance…)

To be sure that your stay in France will be the best, you will have to subscribe to some insurances. Some of them are mandatory, and others are highly recommended.

We will go with you to subscribe to all insurances considering your needs and you will benefit from the offers of our partner.

Concerning the health insurance (additional to social security), it's not mandatory to have one, but we really have to recommend it to you, and we will present you different insurance possibilities.

Financial aid for accommodation (CAF)

In France, the "Caisse d'Allocations Familiales" (CAF) helps some people to pay a part of their rent thanks to a financial help (APL or ALS) given each month to the person or directly to the owner. This help depends on the person's financial situation. We will fill in the form with you if there is funding available for you.

Generally this help is available only for persons with very low incomes, such as students.

Optional procedures

Considering your needs, we can also manage the following procedures with you :

  • Transportation card subscription
  • Booking rental car (short or long rentals)
  • Information about cultural and sport trips
  • School enrollement for children