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About us

Our team

We are five local person who have been living in Grenoble for the major part of our life, and who share a real passion for this city! Caring and dynamic, our ambition is to welcome you in the best conditions. Having travelled a lot ourselves, we know that relocating and moving to a new place is a very intense experience, as rich and rewarding as stressful at times. It is therefore important for us to help you the best we can to settle in your new life, in the most personalized way possible.

Your contacts


Julie and Isabelle

Julie “Mastering the specificities of cities such as Lyon and Chambéry”

Born in Grenoble, I am quite attached to this city, however I also enjoy discovering new horizons, abroad as much as in my native area. In fact, I chose to live in Lyon and Chambéry for several months each, in order to develop our relocation services there. Within LC Mobility team, I will be your privileged contact if you wish to move to either one of those cities. They both are cities of character… with a rental system that I have now learned to master!

Isabelle “Helping you to settle down peacefully in Grenoble”

After moving into Grenoble over 15 years ago for my studies, I am a real local now and I feel completely in my element here! However, I still remember my installation and all the difficulties related to searching for accommodation. I know inside out the good and bad surprises that this city has in store for you and I have my heart set on helping you to settle down peacefully. It is as an expert in real estate research that I now assist the clients that we work with today, whether they are French or expatriates from the other side of the world!

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Our history

Co-founders of LC Mobility in 2008, we have the chance to work in the agency we have created ourselves during our master’s degree. Having held every position of the team, we have acquired a perfect grasp of the nuts and bolts of each one of them.

Today we’ve decided to focus our energy and expertise on your accommodation research, it being the nerve center of your installation. Our experience allows us to define with you the best accommodation criteria specifications in accordance to your needs and expectations. For your convenience, we also manage all relations with our different partners: owners, realtors, banks, insurance companies, various suppliers and prefecture services.

Julie had the opportunity to benefit from relocation services when moving to Canada for an internship. Thanks to that she was able to fully enjoy her stay there, and her experience has inspired us. We’ve decided to give you a service that is both useful and efficient, taking charge of all the administrative difficulties for you and being a real relocation support, in order to allow you to settle in your new living conditions in the most peaceful way possible.

Being most of the time the first faces you will see arriving in your new life, the quality of our welcome is essential to us. We have enjoyed guiding you from the beginning of our activity up until today, all with the same pleasure and delight.

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An expertise on engineers and international profiles


More than 10 years of experience
with scientific centres in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

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Over 250 people
from all nationalities welcomed each year

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Tailor-made services adapted
to each individual, including international profiles

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Our values



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In order to guide you through your professional mobility, efficiency is our main attribute. Our work requires reactivity and a real estate market expertise. We commit to respond to any support request within 48 hours… and to answer any questions you may have !

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In times of professional mobility and changes, we know your time is precious. We know that you are not always in control of your schedule, and that unexpected situations may arise. Available and committed to you at all times, our team will be ready to adapt to your planning and time schedules.

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Listening to you, trying to understand your needs, answering your questions… That’s our daily activity, and we love it ! Benevolence is part of our strong values since the beginning. We have at heart to build a trusting relationship with you and to do everything in our power to make your professional relocation a success.

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Our added value

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Be physically by your side through each step of your settlement

Bilingual guidance (Fr/Uk)

Financial support with the Mobilipass Grant

Options to compensate for the absence of a French guarantor

No french guarantor…

What other options ?

The VISALE guarantee, GLI… or options that don’t require a guarantee : depending on your profile and on the lessor, we will negotiate the best solution with you and for you!

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Our customers love us.

Un amour de 4,9 sur 5.


With LC Mobility I have experienced a highly professional, reliable, pragmatic and efficient approach. I would also like to mention the pleasant atmosphere, the flexibly and the kindness of all the staff with which I have interacted. Chapeau !

Valentin Gherman

100% recomendable and reliable. I contacted them and they replied really fast. In few days I got 3 proposals for different apparments and the appoinments for opening bank account, water and electricity, insurance, and internet service.

They workers are really nice and ready to help. Regarding the cost of the service, they helped me to get the Mobili-pass grant, so the total of the services was paid by this grant.

Thanks to them, the really complicated settlement process was much much easier.

Xabier Judez

LC Mobility always helped me with everything that I needed when I arrived in Grenoble, such as opening a bank account, choosing a studio, internet subscription, transportation card, CAF application, electricity contract, and mobile number.
Sophie and Violette are very kind, attentive, and friendly. They are very dedicated and love what they do! Also, they cared about me and welcomed me very well when I arrived in Grenoble.
Based on that, I recommend the services offered by LC Mobility.

Mayara Auricchio

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To confirm an eligibility to the “Mobili‑Pass” or for any other queries, feel free to contact us!

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Tél. +33 (0)4 76 50 25 83

Nous contacter
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47 Avenue Alsace Lorraine
38000 Grenoble - France