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Help settling in and carrying out administrative procedures

Welcoming you on arrival


In order to best accompany you in your settlement in Grenoble, Chambéry or Lyon, we gather all the useful information you will need upon arrival: 

Someone from our

team will

  • Pick you up from the train station 7 days a week
  • Take you to your accommodation
  • Go over all the functioning details with you: where to find the electrical board, how to start the heater, how to use electrical appliances or furniture, etc.
  • Introduce you to your neighborhood and show you how to get to your workplace
  • As an enjoyable "extra", give you a practical guide of French habits and customs with some good tips and addresses you should not miss out on!”
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Administration services

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    Procedures for your accommodation

    Energy: water, gas and electricity/internet and phone/home insurance/CAF for housing allowances

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    Personal life

    Bank account, insurances: civil liability, private medical insurance/ transportation card/ school enrollment/request for a CAF number (Family Benefit Fund)

  • picto internationaux

    For internationals

    Residence permit/driver’s license/information on French classes, social security (health care)

When you first arrive, we will book half a day with you to get you started. That day, we will first grab a coffee in our office, to discuss all the different administrative procedures we need to do with you, then we’ll come along with you in all the different structures we need to go to.

Over the past 10 years, we have negotiated many good deals and partnerships in order to make those procedures as easy as possible for you, and to save you some precious time!

We will also provide you with a detailed document along with each procedure.

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Discovering the city

a personalized


To introduce you to your new living environment, we will organize half a day or a day to discover the city and its surroundings. According to your wishes and availability, we offer customized tours that may include:

  • A welcome guidebook for you to keep
  • General information both about French lifestyle and about your new town
  • A tour of the different neighborhoods, shops, areas of interest, markets, schools…
  • Information on the local rental market (rent regulations, accommodation prices)
  • Visits of different types of accommodations
  • Offered lunch in a restaurant
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Help moving out

No stress moving in, so stress moving out! We also want to make sure you leave in the best conditions, so we can also help you with all the procedures you need to do before you go. Just to be sure all is in order and to avoid bad surprises! We can help to:

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  • Send your termination letter to your landlord
  • Assist you for your check out
  • Close all your different subscriptions: water, gas, phone, internet, bank account and any other insurance you must put an end to.
  • Help you subscribe to postal forwarding
  • Follow up on your deposit until reimbursement
  • If needed, put you in touch with our partners for help moving out furniture or for cleaning services before checking out…

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To confirm an eligibility to the “Mobili‑Pass” or for any other queries, feel free to contact us!

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Tél. +33 (0)4 76 50 25 83

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38000 Grenoble - France