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Autumn walk at the Chalais monastery

The Chalais walk is an activity known by all people living in Grenoble and its surroundings. It is a must-see place located about twenty minutes from the city of Grenoble. Indeed, it allows everybody to enjoy a family walk, which is very easy to access. It is also a good way to discover the surro...

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November 2021 - LC Mobility

Info gastronomie

Cream of chestnut soup

Ingrédients :

420 g cooked chestnuts

1 onion

50 cl of milk

30 cl of liquid cream

1 knob of butter

Salt, pepper

2 jaunes d’œuf

20 cl de crème fraiche liquide

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November 2021 - LC Mobility


“When the wine is in the man, wisdom is in the bottle” Anonymous.

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