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Flower hike to the Charmant Som

The “Charmant Som” hike is a very accessible family walk (45 minutes to 1 hour walk – 200 vertical meters) that leads to a charming summit, as the name suggests. At the top, you will have an incredible panoramic view to eat your picnic: Chamechaude, Grand Sommet and other peaks of the Mount...

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May 2021 - LC Mobility

Info gastronomie

Wisteria fritters

Ingrédients :

CAREFUL : Only use the purple/pink flowers of the Wisteria

4 to 5 nice grapes of wisteria flowers

150 g of floor

1 egg

Some sugar

Some milk

1 pinch of salt

Plant oil

Icing sugar

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May 2021 - LC Mobility


“In May, do whatever you want”

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