Picking chestnuts and mushrooms

Autumn is the perfect season to pick up your basket, your knife and your coat, and go mushroom or chestnut picking.
For mushrooms : Prefer humid days, the day after a rainy day for instance. You can go to the Belledonne heights, without having to climb too high though.You’ll see that ...

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October 2020 - LC Mobility

French « Art de vivre »

« Ravioles du Dauphiné » Gratin

Ingrédients :

1 pack of fresh « ravioles du Dauphiné »

25 cl of liquid cream

60 g of grated « comté » cheese

Bit of butter for the dish

Salt and pepper

If you wish, some seasonal mushroom!

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October 2020 - LC Mobility


« Wrapped up October announces sunny December.”

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